The Heritage Tree

By Robin K. Johnson




Scream, scream

It’s a buildup of a lot of things

The hurt from a friend’s lie

The emptiness of losing a loved one

The abandonment from a lover leaving

All things added up that cannot be put into words


It’s just an inaudible pressure that has built up and fights to be released


Scream, scream

It’s the compilation of life’s problems

The useless arguments that go unanswered

The burden of being alone in a relationship

The wanting of admiration but being annihilated by rejection

It’s just the burst of an emotional thunderstorm during a sunny day


Scream, scream

It’s the growth of frustration within the soul

The little things one cannot give to the kids during special days

The times the fridge is riding on empty

The day the lights were turned off

And payday is just a day away


Scream, scream

It’s the full blossoming of the pain of not being able to survive

It’s the blinding hurt of not being able to get ahead in life

It’s the stinging thoughts of not being capable to be the man I want to be

It’s the muffled strength of not being able to scream

It’s the fear of losing all the body’s testosterone if I would allow myself to scream

It’s the feeling of regaining control

When inhibitions are let go and it does escape

Then you can finally scream